CPL Services

CPL are the FIRST depot in AUSTRALIA licensed to supply Investigational Product (IP) directly to a patient/participant (wherever they may be) and GMP/GCP trained Pharmacists are responsible and accountable for the dispensing of the IP to the patient. 

CPL overcomes this because our owners and shareholders are registered Australian Pharmacists and our new Melbourne depot is licensed to supply IP directly to patients wherever they have been recruited in the country.

Our focus:

We offer project management for each patient, including nursing in the home to administer the treatment and collect biological samples when required. 

We’re also a TGA licenced facility and Warehouse for Temperature controlled and monitored storage and global distribution of clinical trials investigational products and ancillary supplies.

Until now, there has been no licensed depot in Australia that has been able to get IP directly to the patients in the comfort of their homes, workplace, or holiday destination.

Qualified nurses meet patients where necessary in the comfort of their homes when the IP is due to arrive for safe and attentive administration and collection of samples.

Direct-to-Patient Services

Label Design, Packaging, Retest Date Extension

CPL  is licenced for Secondary Packaging, labelling, and release for the supply of therapeutic goods.  We offer Just in Time (JIT) labelling and packaging as we understand that on average, 50% of all clinical supplies that are packaged and labelled are never used.

Dispensing of IP and delivery direct to patient’s home

The IP can be prepared by our pharmacy and shipped to the patient to coincide with a home visit, or where appropriate shipped and reconstituted in the patient’s home by the nurse.

Extended Access Program or Compassionate use program

CPL supports access to pre-approval, investigational drugs outside of the clinical trial setting. These programs are for patients suffering from a serious or life-threatening illness who have no viable treatment options available to them.

TGA licensed GMP Facility

CPL‘s warehouse is licenced by the TGA for National and Global Distribution. Our GMP storage facilities  as well as our cold/frozen chain storage and distribution services, offer a variety of controlled environmental conditions to accommodate your clinical trial’s unique supply demands. 

Premium logistics

Working in partnership with premium couriers, we provide an integrated supply chain that improves quality and accountability in the transportation, dispensing, and storage of clinical trial products. 

Ancillary packaging and kits

Preparation of ancillary and biological sample collection kits and labels (including the identification of subjects and tubes) and associated documents (including the related requisition form).

Comparator Drug and Ancillary Supplies Sourcing

Sourcing commercially registered pharmaceutical products and ancillaries for clinical trials globally.

Returns, Reconciliation and Destruction

CPL manages returned drug accountability, reconciliation, and destruction for your clinical study.

Inventory management and monitoring

A bespoke and validated ERP platform designed for clinical supplies and including web-based inventory monitoring.

Mobile Research Nursing

We manage clinical trial protocols, administer patient care, and collect essential data in patient homes, workplaces, or holiday destination.

Compounding Service

Fundamental compounding services including aseptic reconstitution of vials for administration and other extemporaneous compounding to suit each patient and to achieve optimum outcomes.