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Benefits of a Patient-Centric Model

Guaranteed retention

Close to 30% of the Australian population live in rural/remote areas.


Leading to better recruitment and retention in clinical trials.


Less paper-work and administrative burden, cost-effective research.

Welcome to CPL

CPL is a supply chain company with the core of its service “Direct-To-Patient model” allowing for IP to be delivered and administered in the patient’s home.

As the DTP model allows the patient to participate in the clinical trial from home, it reduces the need for them to travel to the investigator site, increasing study recruitment and retention whilst reducing costs for the sponsor.

Watch our company video to get a better understanding of CPL and the benefits of a DTP model in clinical trials.

Meet our Chief Executive Officer

Rima Darwiche, B Pharm BSc (Hons)

Rima is a registered Pharmacist with 2 decades of experience across all phases of clinical research in both industry and investigator-driven trials.

She has been implementing clinical studies in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies from around the world since 2005.

CPL’s core values are:

Meet our Chief Executive Officer

Rima Darwiche, B Pharm BSc (Hons)

We are an Australian first clinical drug trial distribution service offering both Direct-to-Patient (DTP) and a Direct-From-Patient (DFP) delivery and collection of investigational products (IP) to and from a patient's home.

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The Direct To Patient clinical trial model eliminates those detractors for patients, putting them, rather than the sites, at the centre of the process in a patient-centric model.

Recruitment and Retention

Improving patient recruitment and retention as patients are assured of potentially significant time and cost savings when participating in clinical trials versus traditional studies.